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Suitcases left behind; passengers angry at Winair

WILLEMSTAD – Passengers who traveled to Curaçao with Winair from Sint Maarten yesterday were unpleasantly surprised when they were told on arrival that all suitcases for passengers with destination Curaçao had been left on Sint Maarten. Several passengers still had a connection to another destination, which made the matter extra annoying for them. According to […]

Minister of Foreign Affairs must resign

WILLEMSTAD – The recent statement by Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs that a multicultural society cannot exist peacefully has caused great outcry on Curaçao and other parts of the Dutch Kingdom. Several politicians and the government reacted to the statement made by the Kingdom Minister of Foreign Affairs. This was also necessary because as […]

AMAK satisfied with promises government

WILLEMSTAD – The interest group for musicians and artists AMAK has canceled the protest that was supposed to take place this week. The music organization is satisfied with the promises made by the government regarding live music, says chairman Manfred Feco Gomes. The government is to formulate a policy together with the AMAK: some neighborhoods […]

Justice in the Netherlands is looking for Curaçaoan

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – Justice in the Netherlands is looking for Gerel Lusiano Palm. There is a 10,000 guilder reward reserved for the tip that leads to his arrest. The 35-year-old Palm comes from Curaçao and according to Justice, he is involved in a shooting along the A27 road in the Netherlands, where two people […]

Great interest for Curaçao oil refinery

WILLEMSTAD – According to a press release emitted by the government, a so-called ‘non-disclosure agreement’ was signed between 15 interested parties and the public company Curaçao Refinery (RdK) to ensure the continuation of the refinery until the end of 2019. In less than two months, at the beginning of September, it will be clear which […]

St. Maarten acting Prime Minister meets US Ambassador

PHILIPSBURG – The United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra, met with Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for St. Maarten Perry Geerlings on Wednesday this week. The Ambassador and his delegation, which included Netherlands Ambassador to the United States Hendrik “Henne” Schuwer and US Consul General to Curacao & Chief […]

St. Maarten contractors and builders advised to have plans in place to have building sites storm-ready

PHILIPSBURG – The rebuilding of Sint Maarten is underway post hurricane Irma.  There is a lot of construction activities taking place around the country. Construction materials can be found around building sites as well as old zinc, wood that has been discarded from the house or business under construction. Contractors and builders are requested by the […]

Morena Resort: An island resort with a heart of gold

WILLEMSTAD – The luxurious and tranquil Morena Resort is the only eco-resort on the island of Curaçao. Morena is a unique place to spend a wonderful Caribbean vacation for anyone who has the environment at heart. The property is a short walking distance to the beach and adjacent to a magnificent natural area known as the […]